5 Fresh Ways to Wear a T-shirt in 2018

T-shirts have been a constant part of our wardrobes probably since the inception of cotton, but sometimes, this part of our dressing can become difficult to wear in a way that complements us, and in accordance with the season or trend at the time. These days, trends change regularly, and so our dress sense should evolve with the changing times as well.

In the past, you could simply pair a shirt with jeans and call it a day. These days, there are more fun and fresh ways to wear your T-shirt, and this article will highlight some of the styles you should wear in 2018.

Ways to Wear a T-Shirt and Look Outstanding

  1. Go Big: Although it might sound ridiculous, wearing oversized T-shirts are the in thing now. Body fitted t-shirts have become boring because tight-fitting t-shirts have been in the industry for a long time. Wearing an oversized t-shirt will not only get you visibly noticed but give you an edge over boring body fitted wearers. Your oversized t-shirts can be worn over skinny or fitted jeans to give a sort of contrast between dressing items. Add a pair of nice loafers, and you are good to go.


  1. Tuck It In: Tucking your t-shirts into your pants or jeans is another fresh way to wear your t-shirts. In 2018, we are all about standing out from the crowd, and a sure way to do this is to tuck in your Tee. This particular look tends to give you a confidence boost in public, as most people will only tuck their button-down shirts in and not their t-shirt, giving you that edge over With your t-shirt tucked in, you are more likely to get attended to first in a room full of others.


  1. Color Block: You are most likely not going to wear a t-shirt to a formal meeting, so why restrict yourself to boring black and white colors or its derivative. Take charge of your t-shirts by choosing bright colors when next you go shopping. Choose bold colors like blue, red, purple, etc. In fact, you can decide to opt for more than one color on your t-shirt such that the sleeves are one color, the neck another, and the body another. This type of t-shirt works perfectly with dark colored


  1. Over a Blazer: Another fresh way to wear your t-shirts is to wear a blazer over them. This particular outfit gives you a cool, and smooth look. It is perfect for both corporate and casual events. It provides a balance between a casual look and a corporate look. It can be worn for dinner dates, and shows. Worn over nice pants or jeans, this look can pair perfectly with boots, loafers, brogues, and office shoes.


  1. Prints: Do you have something you need to say but you just do not know how to go about saying it, or you have a favorite quote or phrase, and you want to share it with others? With t-shirts, you can express yourself however you want to. Your prints can be pasted at the front of the t-shirt or at the back, giving your friends great stuff to read.

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