Funny T Shirt Buying Guide

It isn’t always easy to find the right T-Shirt to buy, with hundreds of designs available and different colour options it can become a nightmare.

Domingo has put together this buying guide that will help you pick the right T-Shirt, depending on your personality. Each T-Shirt tells a different personality, well that’s what we like to believe.


We all know that one person who is the loudest person in the room and naturally people who are the loud are usually far from shy. So what T-Shirt would suit The Loud One when he wants to be funny?

Yes that’s right! “Fart Now Loading” will be the perfect T-Shirt for that loud person! Wearing this T-Shirt says a lot, your are confident, far from shy and generally don’t care about what other people think of you.

Are you a quiet person and not sure which funny T-Shirt to buy? don’t worry, Domingo has you covered!

Quite people are usually very shy so they would be the complete opposite of the Loud One. Big bold statements on T-Shirts isn’t what your looking for.

Domingo recommends the “People… Not A Big Fan”.

Usually being shy implies you don’t talk in-front of people you don’t know and makes you feel somewhat uncomfortable.