Starting a T-Shirt Brand


T-shirts business is growing very fast in last few years. Many designers are testing their luck in the T-shirts businesses. It’s not very easy for the young investors to jump into the T-shirt printing business straight away because of the incredible t-shirt lines out there and so many companies to compete with. Well if you are a good planner, and can tackle each task with an end result in mind, you can easily take a step in the door of t-shirt industry.

This article will help the beginners who are interested in trying their luck in t-shirt industry and giving themselves a go. This article will cover not only how to design, print and package the t-shirts but will also help you in marketing your promotional tees.

First Step, Unifying Idea


It is very important for a good business man to take some time out and ask a question from himself or herself that ‘what inspired him of starting this business’. Most of the time the businesses fails if it is selected because of the type of work involved in it. Research shows that successful businesses are, most of the time, based on the unifying idea or a theme that actually ignites a spark in person to jump into the industrial world. The passion to carry out individual unifying idea enables him to go extra mile to match his end product with his idea and inherently, it makes the project incredible. Keeping that in mind, drive your business by a unifying idea but, only after validating it because, the idea should work at all levels.

Second Step, Define Your Target Market

Now, once you have decided to step into the t-shirt industry, you will need to decide a theme first and then target the audience. It is very important to understand, who you are designing for. In general, categories like t-shirts with funny slogans are too broad to attack in a very competitive environment of t-shirt industry. Therefore, it is extremely important in developing a booming t-shirt business and stand out from many competitors by selecting and catering to a specific niche for example t-shirts with funny slogans that relate to husbands and wives.

Third Step, Design

Designing a t-shirt is more tricky rather complex because many of the best-selling t-shirts designs are very simple. Designing a t-shirt is tricky because it really needs to be connected with your targeted audience and stand out.

What if you are not blessed with the eye for designing or can’t afford Photoshop and Illustrator or maybe you don’t have time for that, still there are few ways to go about getting a design ready when you have zero design skills, or finding a designer to hire to make your t-shirts.

There are certain things that play an important role in managing the cost of a t-shirt you must know before designing like

  • Size of the graphics
  • Will it be printed on light, colored or black material
  • Digital or silk screen print
  • In case of silk how many colors will be used
  • More colors more cost
  • Screen printers


Fourth Step, Printing

In case of digital printing you don’t need to do a lot. It can print as many colors as needed. It is recommended for a small run jobs but in t-shirt printing businesses most of the people uses screen printing. Screen printing is very different from digital printing here you have to separate your colors into different layers and print each color separately. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator offer a simple tool to select each color separately and copy them to separate layers.

Screen printing has several of advantages like it produces a durable and long-lasting result, very cost-effective when printing in bulk. On the other hand it has some limitations like complex designs with more than four to five colors increases costs and production time. Initially the printing designs and printing quality will not be cost-effective and good but with the understanding and awareness of different printing options it quickly improves. Nowadays on demand printers have begun to emerge on the internet like of CafePress and Spreadsheet vendors. These vendors allow you to print a t-shirt of your own design online. It is an amazing solution for a one man design shop.

Fifth Step, Brand & Mockup

Your brand should exactly reflect the feeling of that unifying idea which actually ignites the spark in you and forced you to step into t-shirt industry. Your brand is a promise that will tie together all your efforts in this business. It is very important to build a stand out and likeable brand to survive in this highly competitive t-shirt business environment. Capturing the customers’ attention is of vital importance in e-commerce businesses.

Displaying your product using product mockups is also a good tool of marketing and selling the designs. Mockups allow you to facilitate the user to see the design on a t-shirt well before it is actually printed on a t-shirt.

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