The Most Rad Graphic T-Shirt Designs That Will Reign Allover 2018

The Most Rad Graphic T-Shirt Designs That Will Reign Allover 2018

This 2018, ramp up your wardrobe with the newest and hot graphic t-shirts that will definitely make you yell “TAKE MY MONEY”. Here we have a list of new and interesting design tactics that will blow your mind



Geometric, concentric or perfectly aligned shapes have been tested to be the most aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and in the age of Photoshop, you can only imagine what wonders one can do with shapes and geometry (you don’t have to be really good at math just so you know). Different patterns, mixing colors up a bit, making shapes out of vibrant pictures and putting them on a shirt, that’s what it’s about.

Keeping things Vibrant

It is 2018 and people love it when it’s vibrant. The opinions are bold, movements are bold, fashion statements are bold , then why should the colors stay in the same dim old pattern? Vibrant shades of contrasting colors that go well together like red and blue or red and orange with a hint of yellow are highly in.

The Double Exposure Magic

Double Exposure is a technique that photographers and graphic designers use to put two photographs into one frame and then blend them together. This, as a result, creates great pieces of art that are very visually pleasing.


Vintage is back in

Remember the time when vintage or antique was not considered in the “cool” niche, well not anymore. Vintage is back in the game. Retro writing, designs of old cameras, polaroids and gramophones can give you a bright new look.


Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian cool and breezy style t-shirts probably never left the market. The trendy designs and color pop up on a darker background to give your t-shirt and you the cool clique’s A1.



Photographs of famous musicians or actors are the best way to highlight the vibe of your T-shirt. Higher resolution pictures of even your closest friends in a personalized manner can make a t-shirt look even cooler

Inspired By Nature

The influence of nature in 2018 has been seen in various paintings and graphic designs overall everywhere. The mesmerizing prints give a cool breezy vibe to your overall look; the green, browns, and white while uplift your mood and definitely look sassy.

Cartoon T-Shirts

Age does not determine your love for cartoons and probably never has. Wear your favorite cartoon Tees with catchy phrases (not too cheesy though) under a nice leather jacket or normally too. If you have got some old cartoon Tees rotting away somewhere in the closet, take them out and rock them today!

Gothic Style is probably the same old and The New Black

Gothic punk vibes were the extreme cool back in 2000. Black eyeshadow, black lipstick, biker jackets and hard skull designs have made their way back into the clothing stores. Mythical sea creatures, pirates, skulls with stolen treasure and even Japanese writings on anime Goths are a BIG yes.

Bold Statements

In the age of social media and cyberspace, people are more aware now. Their words have to mean, the ideas that were once forgotten are gaining new power and turning into strong movements and shaping the world into a better place for us to live in. in this time, wearing a bold statement on your t-shirt is, how the kids say, totally cool and smoking.

Feathered Mysticism

Feathery designs with bold mystic creatures in the background a ticket into the cool clique. Designers get insanely creative with a few different colored and textured feathers. The exotic feathers tend to make alluring designs and completely give you that bold vibe.

Go Floral

Floral designs are back in the game. Designers are incorporating intricate floral designs in tee shirts, pants, dresses, and jackets. Flowers are definitely in full bloom with a wide range of graphical effects and watercolor art.

Handwritten Tee shirts

Handwritten letters have always had a feeling of great importance to them and when you incorporate the same handwritten statements into shirts, they turn into something very classy and sassy. Be it bold statements or just a random punch line, we’re going all in.


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